Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What a difference a year makes....

Well, time certainly has moved fast the past year.  The past year has brought lots of changes to my life both personally and professionally. Some may be wondering where I have been, others maybe not so much.....but I am about to share :)

My boys are grown now and I have been having an "empty nest" feeling.  I recently moved to a new place (3 months ago) and for the first time in my life live alone.  Moving from a place where someone was ALWAYS there, to a place where it's just me has been....strange to say the least.  I am adjusting to cooking for one instead of cooking for a houseful of boys...did you know that a single person can eat for weeks on the same amount of food that was gone in just a few days when boys are around?? ....Adjusting to the noise level..... with boys in and out all the time, there was a noise level that never came below the sound of a TNT bomb going off......now I can actually hear the birds chirping.....not to mention every other sound that goes "bump in the night".

Some of you may have seen my post of going back to graduate school.... I took some classes, but have decided that with the new move, I think I am going to enjoy some much needed relaxation time. Read more, go to the beach more, blog more, and not worry right now.

My friend, Emily, at Blogaholic Designs, is in the process of replacing parts of my blog that Photobucket decided to take away a few months back.  She does some amazing blog designs and I am so grateful that she is able to do this for me.  Emily, you're the BEST!

So.... with my new plan in motion, I'm off to read some more and bring you all some new reviews soon.  I also will bring you some photos of the beach when I get there.... until then, here is a little preview of a beautiful sunset at a place that is one of my favorite places to read.......

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