Thursday, June 2, 2011

Book News: Kate Quinn

I'm so excited to see this!  Last week on her blog, author Kate Quinn announced that her next book in the Mistress of Rome series will be released April 2012.  The following is taken from her blog:  

empress of the seven hillsFrom the national bestselling author of Daughters of Rome and Mistress of Rome comes a tale of love, power, and intrigue spanning the wilds of the Empire to the seven hills of Rome.

Powerful, prosperous, and expanding ever farther into the untamed world, the Roman Empire has reached its zenith under the rule of the beloved Emperor Trajan. But neither Trajan nor his reign can last forever . . .

Brash and headstrong, Vix is a celebrated ex-gladiator returned to Rome to make his fortune. The sinuous, elusive Sabina is a senator’s daughter who craves adventure. Sometimes lovers, sometimes enemies, Vix and Sabina are united by their devotion to Trajan. But others are already maneuvering in the shadows. Trajan’s ambitious Empress has her own plans for Sabina. And the aristocratic Hadrian — the Empress’s ruthless protégé and Vix’s mortal enemy — has ambitions he confesses to no one, ambitions rooted in a secret prophecy.

When Trajan falls, the hardened soldier, the enigmatic empress, the adventurous girl, and the scheming politician will all be caught in a deadly whirlwind of desire and death that may seal their fates, and that of the entire Roman Empire . . .

Set for release in April 2012.

Be sure not to miss her other two books:

mistress of rome


daughters of rome


Anonymous said...

I have not seen this series before. It looks like something I would enjoy! Thanks for the info!

Somer @ A Bird's Eye Review

Anonymous said...

I bought those books recently, but I haven't had a chance to read them. I seen this announcement on her website when I was looking up information and sounds like there's something else to look forward to if I end up liking the first two novels.

A Journey in Reading said...

You're welcome Somer!

@ Bookish.... I have read the first one, still have to read Daughters.... but I'm really looking forward to it.

Misha said...

I have the series on my wishlist! I must get my hands on the first book in the series!

Siobian said...

I can't wait to read this one! I absolutely loved her other two books.