Monday, December 27, 2010

Review: Cross Fire by James Patterson

Happiness, fear, mystery and the pace of a speeding train are what you experience in the latest Alex Cross installment:  Cross Fire by James Patterson. 

Alex Cross is back.  He and Bree Stone are planning for their upcoming wedding when two killers begin sniping high profile people of Washington, DC. Throw in John Sampson and the killer known as “The Numbers Killer” and what Alex Cross novel would be complete without the Mastermind himself, Kyle Craig.   

The story is classic James Patterson with its fast paced storyline, short chapters and twists when you least expect them.  I received this as a Christmas present and finished it in less than 6 hours.  Alex and Bree are finally planning their wedding, Nana Mama and the kids are excited to be sharing in the joy of the upcoming nuptials.  During that time, Alex receives a call that two snipers have killed some high profile corrupt politicians for what they believe are the right “patriotic” reasons.  And the train takes off.  Enter Max Siegel, an FBI agent who has been on a secret operation and has come back to Washington.  He and Alex don’t see eye to eye, nor care for each other much.  Sampson finds a body that brings back The Numbers Killer, and Kyle Craig, Cross’s #1 enemy,  shows up when and where you least expect him.  If you’ve read any of James Patterson’s stories, you know that you are in for a thrill ride.

I really enjoyed this installment of Alex Cross.  It brought back the fast paced energy of his earlier stories.  It leads you to believe that there may be a combo partnership of Lindsey Boxer (The Women’s Murder Club) and Alex Cross in future novels.  And in grand Patterson style, it leaves you wondering if what you think happened to Kyle Craig really did. 


Holli said...

Can't WAIT to read this one... I love my James Patterson books!!

A Journey in Reading said...

Ohhhhh it was reallly good! You will have to let me know what you think!