Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lets clear our NetGalley books!!!

So how many of us have TONS of NetGalley books that we need to read???  I know I do!

Here's something we can do about it........  Emily over at Red House Books is hosting this for us.  

It's really simple.... You read all the NetGalley books that you can throughout the month of July.  You have to keep up with what you read and check in with Emily at the end of the month.  All who do will be entered to win $15 worth of books from Book Depository....which means its international!

Be sure to go over to Emily's site and check it out.  She will also be posting some "tasks" related to NetGalley and Lindsey at NetGalley will be doing a Twitter chat this month.

Ready?  Get those E-readers out and let's go!!!


Misha said...

Oh great! Thanks for letting us know about this. I have tons of books from Netgalley which are long overdue.

A Journey in Reading said...

You are most welcome!!! I think my Kindle may go into meltdown if I don't read some of the books on it!